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Specialties Get Orange County's top rated DUI Lawyer now. Hieu Vu is familiar with the local prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement in Orange County. With a practice focused exclusively on criminal defense Mr. Vu has successfully handled thousands of Criminal/DUI in all the surrounding courts. He is certified with field sobriety tests and willing to use his trial skills to get you a successful outcome. On top of being a skilled defense attorney he also is known in court to have a good reputation and one of Professionalism. Our office is familiar with drunk driving defense and is ready to pick apart the police report and videos of your case with a high level of attention. We get all video and audio on your case and go over the arrest to standardized field sobriety on your case. Your blood alcohol level will be compared with your drinking pattern and even retested to check for fermentation. Breathalyzers are looked at with scrutiny.

History Established in 2009. Mr. Hieu Vu knew from the get go that he wanted to do criminal defense and defend the constitution. His office was founded based on the idea of providing a radically different type of legal services. He made a habit of driving thru police checkpoint's in his first few years of practice to get a handle on how his client's would get railroaded and even made national news because of what he did. Mr. Vu then got certified in Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST, DUI Field Exercises) and underwent the same training as the police officers to improve his advocacy skills. He has used this insight as an "insider" to his client's advantage in countless trials. Mr. Vu now brings his own innovative and highly successful brand of defense in DUI cases and Criminal Cases.

Meet the Business Owner Hieu V. Business Owner Hieu Vu demonstrates advanced knowledge of procedure and case law. His commitment to his clients is unparalleled. His tenacity and victories in trial are already earning him the respect of his peers outstanding and dedicated trial lawyer who really cares about his clients. Hieu Vu is a respected member of the DUI defense community and is associated with the following groups: National College for DUI Defense ("NCDD"), California DUI Lawyers Association ("CDLA"), North Orange County Bar Association, and The Private Defenders, "To the client, every case important. . They have a number of questions, they also have worries, and some will need a person to listen to them. At the end of the day, it's more than just delivering legal results, every person I work with needs to know what is going on and kept in the loop as the case goes on. I find that the practice of law is more than just getting the results in court." -Hieu Vu


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