Our monthly houseplant subscription is a great gift for the houseplant lover - or beginner!


We choose a different plant each month for your recipient and ensure its always something easy to care for!


Please read the delivery info section before checkout - select the 'subscription delivery' upon checkout to ensure no fees are paid for delivery.


Plants we love! 

Small/Medium - String of hearts/pearls, ferns, tradescantia, succulent, figs

Large - Monstera, Dracaena, Yukka, Zz Palm, Alocasia, Palm, Ficus


The first delivery will be made within seven days after your confirmed order. We will deliver on or thereabouts the same date each month. We offer this service in Swindon and Cirencester.

Houseplant Subscription

PriceFrom £22.00
Price Options
Mini mix addition
A variety of small houseplants to the value of your order
£22.00monthly/ 3 months
Medium Houseplant
Between 40-70cm
£25.00monthly/ 3 months
Large Houseplant
From 70cm+
£40.00monthly/ auto-renew