Why hello there....

Come on in, don't be shy.

it is the run up to rosy lea's fourth birthday & i really wanted to give the girl a freshen up and re-engage with my wonderful followers. i have recently returned from a well needed holiday and as i was sat by the pool i got to thinking about the shop and what the next step for me may be. whilst i am not looking to expand i am still finding new ways to improve the business and better my brand. new competition keeps me on my toes and only makes me want to be even better than I've ever been before. four years may seem a long time but I'm just getting started!

the first change is the website! something i have been neglecting (a lot) over the past few years. the reason for this is purely down to the lack of time i have - i barely have time to brush my hair let alone sit and edit a website. however - with that being said, i have found a new love for my website and i have given it a right old makeover. any criticism welcome - I'm no expert!

with the new website in place i figured i would start blogging again, i used to blog quite frequently but then every man and his dog started to buy flowers & well, the rest is all a blur....

but have no fear - i am back & i am on the ball!

to be honest i hate the word blog. don't you?

like the whole 'I'm a blogger' thing really isn't me, as you can probably tell from my writing. also no offence whatsoever to all you bloggers out there - you're doing a great job! its just not my thing, i don't want to create the perception that i think i am good at writing or in fact good at blogging, i just want to have a chat babe.

i feel like with the fourth year approaching i am happy with where the business is at right now. my wedding folder is bulging for the remainder of this year, next year & 2020! (whatttttt)

you lot are crazy organised........or just crazy (that's a whole separate blog post of its own, coming soon!)

the shop is busy on a daily basis with orders, locals, friends & family! with that being said, the business has gone from strength to strength since opening in 2014 & we (rosy & i) are eternally grateful. i wouldn't change a single part of my journey and i sincerely hope i have many more years to come.

i hope you enjoy the new website & the new blog post. i apologise in advance for the poor writing, swear words & the occasional moan. this really is quite therapeutic though and i am bloody excited to keep you guys up to date with all the latest floral gossip & my wonderful creations. i have a wedding every Friday & Saturday (with the odd additional Thursday, Sunday & random weekday) until the end of the year so i have plenty to chat about & plenty of drop dead gorgeous designs to show you! so watch this space!!

thank you & goodnight

(i had a costa at around 8 and it hasn't worn off yet so its currently half past 12 & i am buzzing my teets off - school boy error)

k bye,


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