life is good.....

Welcome back!

I apologise for not posting in a while. Those of you who follow me will know its because I have been so busy!

Wedding season is slowly coming to an end, I have around 6 left for the year and the warm, overwhelming sense of achievement I get at this time of year is just amazing. I look back over all of the crazy early starts, the beautiful venues, the rushing around, the last minute dramas, the look on my gorgeous brides faces and the incredible reviews I have received and I remember why I chose this as a career.

I am posting this today as I sit with my second cup of tea, listening to James Bay in my kitchen with my boyfriends pants on, loving every inch of my life.

Do you ever get those times in life, when everything seems to be ok? Like, you know you get those days where EVERYTHING & anything is against you and going wrong? Then you stand there questioning the universe, why me?!?!! - Well I sure as hell do!

But then on the opposite side of the spectrum you get those little fuzzy parts of your life where, actually, everything is just pretty damn perfect? Then you are stood there thinking 'YES UNIVERSE, you do love me!!!!' - Well this is me right now.

I have just returned from Paphos where I spent just under a week with my beautiful family, who you know I flipping adore. It was a last minute trip and my god did I need it. Upon my return, it was my BIRTHDAY! (28 years young in case you wondered) So I spent my birthday weekend off (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER) with my incredible other half. For those of you who don't know, he is in the forces, so I see him at the weekends and sadly not in the week. So, not only was I super excited to see him anyway, we have had the most magical weekend. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention....HE IS TAKING ME TO NEW YORK FOR CHRSITMAS!!!!!

Like what the actuallllllllllllllllllllll??????! - Safe to say I sat and cried, then cried some more, and a little bit more. I am literally in love with America & have wanted to go to NYC forever, so it's a real dream come true!

I just wanted to post this to share how I am feeling, not because I want to be a little gloaty Gary, but because I know how it feels to be low, to be sad and maybe a bit alone, to feel like you just want a little hole to crawl into and to sit and hide from life for a wee while. So I am posting this because I feel we spend a lot of time moaning, whinging and not appreciating what we have right there in front of us. Yes, times are hard, but my god there is so much to be happy & thankful for. So when you are having a good day, a good week, a good year! …. shout it from the rooftops & enjoy every last second of it - YOU DESERVE IT.

I am terrible for putting myself down - the way I look, my floristry skills at times, that I'm not quite good enough, you know? But do you know what? - I am at a point in my career, my life, where I can happily say - I deserve this!!!! I AM good enough & I'm a fucking good florist.

I hope you enjoyed the read & thank YOU for your support & love. I couldn't do it without you all and I cherish you all dearly.


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